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11:11 is a multiversal art project by Muse, opening near Los Lunas, New Mexico in July, 2021. To begin the project, Muse purchased a 0.17-acre lot in an undeveloped subdivision. To align with the 'multiversal' vision of Muse, 11:11 will host one-of-a-kind exhibits in the physical world, digital web, and ethereal realm.


Contributing Artists

The 11:11 project is unique in that it pairs the physical reality space with the ethereal realm. To achieve this, Muse is partnering with a wide variety of multimedia artists. Vvarren, the creative director behind Muse, is spearheading the planning and onboarding process.


The theme of 11:11 is "Time's relation to emptiness," and we are asking contributing artists to consider this concept while creating their pieces. The property is situated on the 11th block of an abandoned sub division in the middle of the desert. Given the property's intense seclusion, we have chosen the never-ending passage of time to be our primary showcase. The ephemeral landscapes that surround us also tend to convince us of their permanence; there is something about seasonal shifts which deceives one's understanding of reality. Even untouched landscapes have been artificially constructed through the ways in which we frame them in our society. The most remote island on this planet is not a natural landscape in this regard, but a romanticized figment of imagination in the minds of those who have chosen to consider it.
To play with this concept of ephemerality and emptiness, we have chosen "Time's relation to emptiness" as 11:11's theme.
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